UP Collection: Stories of Hope

About This Project

UP Collection: Stories of Hope

“Colección UP: Historias de esperanza” (UP Collection: Stories of Hope) is an oral memory project, which purpose is to rescue the festive citizen nature of the Popular Unity Government. We want to hear the voice of its protagonists telling those stories of joy and hope that marked their lives in the years of the “revolution of the empanada and red wine”.

The invitation is to find an object (device, film, sound or printed document) that represents this period and through it to tell their stories.

With the collection of these objects and narrations we will be able to build a story from the heart of the Chilean people, which will be broadcasted  in our website, in our Documentation Center and in future itinerant exhibitions.

If you want to collaborate with this collective memory project, write to coleccionup@fundacionsalvadorallende.cl