Restoration of Salvador Allende halls

About This Project

Restoration of Salvador Allende halls

The FSA’s purpose is to renew the contents and museography of the two Salvador Allende halls to satisfy and motivate the visitors’ interest for President Allende and his legacy, through a comprehensive, modern, artistic and festive experience, with contents structured in different levels of information that establish connections between the past and the present within a common and comprehensive vision with the Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum (MSSA).

The FSA and the MSSA share the mansion at #475 Republica Avenue where their respective offices and exhibition halls are located. Most of the halls display MSSA’s valuable collection, the only one in the world with a complete collection donated before and after the Coup, thanks to the solidarity of the artists who supported the Popular Unity government, Allende’s figure and the Chilean resistance during the dictatorship.

The first floor has two lateral rooms destined to disseminate President Allende’s legacy. Said rooms partly preserve the museographic interventions created since its inauguration in 2005, some of which are obsolete, need improvement in lightning and information.

We want to restore this space integrating new contents with concepts, tools and a current museographic esthetics that gives the visitors a rewarding cultural experience. With these contents, the FSA’s message and image would be improved and they would also benefit the MSSA, which carries out multiple classes and guided tours for elementary, secondary and superior education students, as well as for every visitor of the historic mansion.

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