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Mi Colegio, Mi País


“Mi Colegio, Mi Pais” (Mi School, My Country) is an experiential and transforming intervention that aims to contribute to the civic formation of boys, girls and young people. Through the implementation of a methodology to expose the concise and rallying contents, complemented with a simple deliberation and decision-making model, with concrete products that allow an experience that initiates a space for dialogue and determination that strengthens the interests of the students regarding  civic life and democracy.

A first version of the program was applied during the second half of 2016 at Teniente Francisco Mery school in Lo Espejo, municipality that was chosen for its high vulnerability rates and the low electoral participation statistics.

By virtue of the good experience, the FSA and the Lo Espejo Municipal Education Department will expand its coverage, incorporating other two high schools and four elementary schools. Additionally, the Foundation has established relations with the El Bosque, San Joaquin and San Ramon municipalities, which are equally-vulnerable municipalities, to implement this program.

The result of implementing this intervention has allowed improving the civic formation of the student communities providing participation tools that allow and support the community development in social risk areas.

Currently, “Mi Colegio, Mi Pais” (Mi School, My Country) is working in 6 public education establishments of Lo Espejo, with a direct impact on 197 students and indirect impact on an education community of 1,674 students. For the second semester, the program will expand to new municipalities and regions.

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