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Allende Voces

Allende Voces seeks to show the political and cultural legacy of Salvador Allende and the Popular Unity to new generations, through dynamic, interactive, multidimensional, and festive tools accessible from any place with Internet connection in Chile and the world, as well as to provide a numerous selection of audiovisual material (speeches, posters, photographs, videos, etc.) to those who are attracted by his legacy, history and memory.

The application is created in 2013 with the purpose of promoting the political, social and cultural legacy of President Salvador Allende and his validity 40 years after the coup. Allende Voices offers access to a group of archives about the former President, dispersed in nature (bibliographic, online, photographic, video and audio), which in this opportunity are gathered in one digital experience.

The valuable information gathered in this app is available for devices with Android and IO systems. Additionally, a website was created with most of its content aimed for those who don’t have touch systems. The latest version, as well as being free and including new materials, allows the users to interact with the application and share it on social media. The app has gathered a large amount of audiovisual and interactive information in an amusing way, which is a relevant support to fill the general void present in the Chilean school system regarding the Popular Unity period, Salvador Allende and the memory. In that sense, we want it to be a tool for libraries, labor unions, schools, high schools, social organizations, both regional and national, among others, to stimulate the generation of debates about the social challenges and human rights. At the same time, we intend to launch the app in other countries (it has subtitles and English translation and almost every text is in French).

The FSA is exploring and innovating in languages, and it is the first time it develops a digital media outlet of this nature. This is a project which purpose is to reach the largest number of people in Chile and in the world through the improvement of the website, the activation of social media and the previous management with potential users.


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