My School My Country: Commencement of 2017 Workshops

12 Apr

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Lo Espejo will be the first municipality to be benefited with the startup of the project that considers, during its second year of implementation, to reach to other areas like El Bosque and San Joaquin.

Civic participation and formation; two concepts that, for the second consecutive year, are repeated in the implementation of the program “Mi Colegio, Mi Pais” (Mi School, My Country). A model whose purpose is to motivate young people to make decisions regarding their schools through the understanding of their fundamental rights.

“We are very enthusiastic with this new stage and the consolidation of this program, whose purpose is to provide the tools to young boys and girls, but also to benefit their environments. Everybody wins with this experience: the students, regarding their civic formation and education, and the establishments, because we have no doubt that the decisions will improve the operation of these schools”, explains Alejandro Kemp, Executive Director of Salvador Allende Foundation.

On the other hand, Roberto Serrano, History teacher at Teniente Segundo Francisco Mery School in the Lo Espejo municipality, says that the implementation of “Mi Colegio, Mi Pais” (Mi School, My Country) “will be a significant contribution to the construction of a community world. These kinds of initiatives that give vitality to civic education and foster student participation are, without a doubt, very important to the civic development of our students”.

This program’s first experience was implemented during the second half of year 2016 at Teniente Segundo Francisco Mery School in Lo Espejo. The municipality presents low civic engagement levels and a high vulnerability rate. “That is precisely what “Mi Colegio, Mi Pais” (Mi School, My Country) is trying to break, and we firmly believe that we will contribute to this goal”, says Kemp.

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