The FSA was founded in June 26, 1990. Founders: Hortensia Bussi, Isabel Allende Bussi, Carmen Paz Allende Bussi, Gonzalo Meza Allende. The first institutional activity was carried out on September 4: the Official Funeral of President Allende at Santiago’s General Cemetery, attended by thousands of people. The FSA is settled in Guardia Vieja. Publication of the book “Por la Paz de Chile” (For Chile’s Peace).


Acquisition of two properties at #33 and #38 Virginia Opazo Street, and inauguration of a new headquarters on November 25. Signing of the Declaration of Intent for the creation of the Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum. Agreement with the Spanish Government to build the Salvador Allende Cultural Center. “Modernidad y Vigencia del Proyecto Socialista” Seminar (Modernity and Validity of the Socialist Project Seminar).
The execution of conferences, seminars, book launches, mega events and workshops have provided a seal of excellence in these more than 25 years of activities at the FSA. “Con Allende Siempre” (Always with Allende) (1998), “El Sueño Existe” (The Dream is Real), and “Cien Años, Mil Sueños” (Hundred Years, Thousand Dreams), mega events that gathered artists like Silvio Rodruiguez, Ana Belen, Victor Manuel, Joaquin Sabina, Gilberto Gil, or shows like “Exit” by artist Yoko Ono, set the international relevance of the social equality speech promoted by the FSA.
The concert that gathered artists like Ana Belen, Victor Manuel, Joan Manuel Serrat, Leon Gieco, Piero, Inti Illimani, Patricio Manns, among others, was a celebration milestone.
Conference “Consecuencias de la crisis del Este en el pensamiento socialista democrático” (Consequences of the Eastern crisis in the socialist-democratic phylosophy).
Project Management: “Centro de Documentación y Archivo” (Documentation and Archive Center) and “Encuentros para la integración social de jóvenes populares” (Encounters for the social integration of popular young people).


In March, the MSSA opens its doors to the public, with the quarterly rotation of 40 works. Inauguration of the “Los Matta del Museo de la Solidaridad” (The Matta of the Solidarity Museum) exhibition in August, and the Roser Bru exhibition in October. First roaming of the MSSA: 54 works travel to Concepcion. The Minister of National Assets gives the FSA the works of art that make the MSSA (according to inventory). Launching of the video “Allende, Allende, Allende” and of the book “Se abrirán las grandes alamedas” (Large Avenues Will Open Again).
Continuity of the project for the integration of popular young people: first “Joven a Joven” (Youth to Youth) encounter. The Six Study Grants Program “Jovenes por la Vida” (Youths for Life) (registration and monthly payments in higher education institutions).


Commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the death of Salvador Allende with the seminar called “Perspectivss de América Latina hacia el siglo XXI” (Latin American Perspectives towards the XXI century). Signing of the “Centro de Archivo y Documentación” (Archive and Documentation Center) collaborative agreement, between the Netherlands embassy and the FSA to start collecting the material to create the documentary fund.

Donations from Sergio Insunza (books and documents) and Norma Pizarro (press clippings). Development of the following activities: Project: “Encuentros para la integración política de jóvenes populares” (Encounters for the political integration of popular young people); Program: “Joven a joven: proyectando el nuevo siglo” (Youth to Youth: projecting the new century), in addition to different specialized workshops. Publications: “Dialogos de Juventud” (Youth Dialogues), “Joven Ahora” (Now Young). “Jovenes por la Vida” Six Study Grants Program.
Different exhibitions by the MSSA: “Allende en la Memoria” (Allende in Our Memory) (posters), 1972-1973 MSSA collection, Matta, Guillermo Nuñez. Program: “El Museo Integra a los Profesores” (The Museum Integrates Teachers) (guided tours).


Development of the Documentation and Archives Center: Collection, acquisition and spreading of material and research. Donation of photographs (Luis Poirot), numismatic collection (Hortensia Bussi) and posters (Jaime Robottam). Discussion Forum “Transición, democracia y derechos humanos” (Transition, democracy, and human rights). Scholarship “Jovenes por la Vida” (Youths for Life). Workshop “Allende y Juventud” (Allende and Youth). Activities cycle: “Cuando Septiembre se llama Allende” (When September is called Allende). MSSA projects: “Arte en vivo y en directo” (Art Live) and “El museo integra a los profesores” (The museum integrates teachers). “Plástica chilena contemporánea” (Contemporary Chilean Plastics) and “Grabados de Matta” (Matta Engravings) exhibitions, among others. Videos cycle (Photo Panel).


Documentation Center: Implementation of the Microisis program, for bibliographic records. Creation of a database for other collections (VHS tapes, cassettes, burlaps, photographs and posters). The 1933 thesis of Doctor Allende was added to the archive, as well as the material produced by the OIR (Information and Broadcasting Office). The transfer of audio from vinyl records to cassette is carried out. Copies of the collection’s photographs are done for loans, and the originals are kept in acid-free envelopes. Twenty-six posters of the Popular Unity are recovered and framed for their public exhibition at the MSSA. It is calculated that 120 users attended the Cedoc this year. “Jovenes por la Vida” Six Study Grants Program. Exhibitions at the MSSA (“Matta: 42 grabados en una loca geografía” (Matta: 42 engravings in a crazy geography)). Signing of a bailing agreement of house located in 3150 Compañia Street for SAG Cultural Center. Projects: “Arte en vivo y en directo” (Art Live) and “El Museo integra a los profesores” (The museum integrates teachers). Creation of a commission to raise funds for the Salvador Allende Monument at Plaza de la Constitucion.


Restoration works of the building located at 3150 Compañia Street (ex Escuela Normal No. 1 de Niñas). Continuity of “El Museo integra a los profesores” (The museum integrates teachers), in different municipalities. Scheduling of Roberto Matta’s engravings. “Arte en vivo y en directo” (Art Live) with municipalized secondary schools. “Jovenes por la Vida” scholarship program. Fundraising for the Salvador Allende Monument in Plaza de la Constitucion.


Several exhibitions at the MSSA (Chilean engravings, Matta, etc.). Support will be extended to researches and publications. “Jovenes por la Vida” scholarship program. Fundraising for the Salvador Allende Monument in Plaza de la Constitucion.


“Con Allende Siempre” (Always with Allende) Concert (Commemoration of the 25th anniversary of President Allende’s death), at the National Stadium (Artists: Ana Belen, Victor Manuel, Joan Manuel Serrat, Leon Gieco, Piero, Inti Illimani, Patricio Manns, among others). Implementation of the Engraving Workshop.


Inauguration of the Solidarity Museum located at 360 Herrera street. Installation of Yoko Ono’s “Exit”. Activities: “Arte en vivo y en directo” (Art Live) with municipalized secondary schools. ““El Museo integra a los profesores” (The museum integrates teachers), in different municipalities. Arrangement of Roberto Matta’s engravings. Different cultural and artistic activities (workshops, exhibitions). “Jovenes por la Vida” scholarship program.


June 26: Inauguration of the first monument of Salvador Allende in Plaza de la Constitucion, in Santiago (work by Arturo Hevia). A series of lectures were carried out about the legacy of Salvador Allende, as well as several artistic-cultural activities together with the MSSA.


Itinerant exhibition of Matta’s engravings. Stories marathon: “En America la mujer cuenta” (In America, women matter). International meeting of poets, “Chilepoesias”. 93rd anniversary of Salvador Allende’s birthday with the activity “Allende en la Memoria” (Allende in Our Memory), among others. “Jovenes por la Vida” scholarship program. “Ruca Verde” (Green Hut) project.


Inventory of the Solidarity Museum’s works and first itinerant exhibitions in Santiago municipalities. Change of management of the FSA.


The concert “El Sueño Existe” (The Dream is Real) was carried on September 5 and 6, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Coup D’État (Artists: Silvio Rodriguez, Julieta Venegas, Gilberto Gil, Pedro Aznar, Quilapayun, Javiera Parra y Los Imposibles, Los Prisioneros, Anita Tijoux, Cesar Isella, Victor Heredia, Pettinellis, Leon Gieco, Beto Cuevas). This year we conducted a general registry of the entire material at the Documentation Center. Collaboration for the opening ceremony of the door in 80 Morande Street. Organization of the “Allende Hoy” (Allende Today) encounter.


FSA handed over the works of the Solidarity Museum to the Treasury Department (Ministry of National Assets). Creation of Fundacion Arte y Solidaridad. Acquisition of House in 475 Republica Street; collaboration of Ile de France and Spain’s Ministry of Culture for its set up. Exhibition of “Memoria y Esperanza” (Memory and Hope) (Human Rights violations).


Selling of the Virginia Opazo house. Set up works for the new headquarters in 475 Republica. Implementation of the photographic archive (Acquisition of Cenfoto Database, conservation and digitalization of images).


Inauguration of the new 475 Republica headquarters (President Bachelet was in attendance, as well as former presidents Aylwin and Lagos, State ministers, diplomatic corps, former ministers, among other 700 attendees).


Showing of “Esteticas, sueños y utopias de los artistas del mundo por la libertad” (Esthetics, dreams and utopias of the world artists for freedom) together with the MSSA. Exhibition of “Periodicos de Tela” (Cloth Newspapers) (burlaps). Exhibition of “Fotografia Presencial de Naul Ojeda” (In-person Photography by Naul Ojeda). Act “Una Flor para la Tati” (A Flower for Tati).


Commemoration of President Allende’s 100th birthday. Main activities: “Cien Años, Mil Sueños” (Hundred Years, Thousand Dreams) concert (Artists: Victor Manuel, Ana Belen, Joaquin Sabina, Ismael Serrano, Miguel Rios, Pedro Aznar, Juanes, Miguel Bose, Isabel Parra, Congreso, Quilapayun, Illapu, Kevin Johansen, Angel Parra, Chancho en Piedra, Javiera y los Imposibles, Miguel Garcia); “Homenaje y Memoria” (Homage and Memory) Exhibition, organized together with SEACEX from Spain and inaugurated by President Michelle Bahcelet, at Palacio La Moneda Cultural Center. Production and presentation of a postage stamp in tribute to President Allende, carried out by Correos de Chile and presented publicly; and the political-cultural ceremony conducted at Plaza de la Constituticion, in front of Palacio La Moneda, along with the installation of the work called “Nunca Mas” (Never Again), by visual artist Carlos Altamirano, corresponding to a piece of Allende’s glasses found in La Moneda after the bombing of the presidential palace, in giant size. “Ausencias” (Ansence) exhibition (Gustavo Germano). Inauguration of Salon Blanco, in Palacio La Moneda. “Tapices de Memoria” (Tapestry of Memory) exhibition at Spain’s Cultural Center. Publication of book “Fragmentos para una Historia” (Fragments for a History/Story). Supporting of “Tencha” documentary.


Between 2009 and 2010 the project “Abriendo Espacios” (Opening Spaces) was executed (financed by a Presidential grant), which includes different activities. The funeral of Hortensia Bussi de Allende was carried out on June 18. Raquel Alvayay conducted a study about Salvador Allende’s Parliamentary Work (Copper, Health and Labo)r, as well as the work “Chilenas del Bicentenario” (Chilean Women of the Bicentennial) (Bernardita Cancino). Indexing and registry of the medals collection. Input of the historic material called “Fondo Hortensia Bussi” (Hortensia Bussi Fund) to the Documentation Center.


Research work and publication of the book “Aportación de los inmigrantes del Winnipeg en las construccion de la obra politica y social de Salvador Allende” (Contribution of the Winnipeg Immigrants to the construction of the political and social work of Salvador Allende) (David Duque). Commemoration act of the 40th anniversary of the Popular Unity’s victory, 500 attendees at the FSA. We sponsored Presidente Salvador Allende School, in the El Bosque municipality. Initiation of the work with the IES Institute to receive exchange students. Death of Gonzalo Meza, one of the founders of the FSA. Creation of a new corporate image.


Documentary Cycles “Dialogos de la memoria” (Memorial Dialogues), with Victor Jara Foundation. Inauguration of the Salvador Allende Monument at San Joaquin Municipality (work by Oscar Plandiura) with 1,500 attendees. Act commemorating the 40th anniversary of the nationalization of copper (former National Congress). Exhibition of Naul Ojeda’s photographies at the Migration Museum in Uruguay. Exhumation of President Allende’s remains and private burial. Digitalization project of the audiovisual archive carried out along with Harvard University.


Development and consolidation of the FSA’s Documentation Center and participation in different seminars and thematic meetings disseminating the historic heritage. Support to audiovisual productions and publications to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the coup d’état.


Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Coup D’État in Chile. Support and collaboration of countless activities, both in Chile and abroad. Organization of the International Seminar “Salvador Allende: República, Democracia y Socialismo” (Salvador Allende: Republic, Democracy and Socialism). Publication of the book “Allende… Vive!, Memoria viva del pueblo en el mausoleo de Recoleta” (Allende… Lives!, Living memory of the people at the Recoleta mauseleum). Elaboration of the iPad app “Allende: Voces a 40 años” (Allende: Voices 40 years later).
Involvement in exhibition “Biblioteca Recuperada” (Recovered Library) (UDP). Involvement in the initiative “Chile Agradece” (Chile says Thank You) (countries that supported Chile during the dictatorship). Inauguration of the GAP Memorial (Grupo de Amigos del Presidente), “Fragmentos de heroes” (Fragment of Heroes), together with the MSSA.


Execution of the International Seminar “Next Left: Una Respuesta progresista a la cuestion Social” (Next Left: A progressive answer to the social question). “Wikimedia Project” (digitalization, transcription and release of 50 official speeches online). Collaboration in the project “No mas archivos secretos” (No more secret archives) (release of 240 telexes owned by the CNI (National Information Center) found in the house at 475 Republica Ave.. Urban intervention “Allende camina por las Grandes Alamedas” (Allende walks along the Large Avenues).


Execution of projects related to the recovery of the historic memory: “Rescate de la memoria oral: entrevistas a ex ministros y colaboradores de la UP” (Rescue of the oral memory: interviews to former ministers and UP collaborators), “Conservación y digitalización del archivo Hugo Zemelman” (Preservation and digitalization of the Hugo Zemelman archive) (which has 10,000 press clippings), “Nueva museografía para el memorial del Presidente Allende” (New museography for the President Allende Memorial), among other projects that are currently under execution, financed by a Presidential Grant.


Startup of the “Mi Colegio, Mi Pais” (Mi School, My Country) project. Situation Analysis Workshops are developed. Launching of a new version of the Allende Voces digital app.

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