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Alejandro Kemp
Executive Director

He has participated in the coordination, direction and creation of civic participation and training projects. As a communications consultant, he collaborated with ECLAC, the Ministry of Health, SII, among others. He has also advised small businesses regarding the creation of their business plans and the design of their communications strategy.
Publicist, Masters in Communication, MBA.

Carla Hernández
Coordinator CeDoc

Documentalist Librarian and a Masters in History candidate. She has experience in library and archives, and research management regarding political history of the XX century, memory and human rights. Member of the Red de Archivos de Memoria y Derechos Humanos (RAMDH). (Memory and Human Rights Archives Network)

Andrea Venegas
Coordinadora Mi Colegio, mi país

Licenciada en Historia y Profesora de Enseñanza Media de la Universidad de Chile, y Máster en Intervenciones Sociales y Educativas en la Universidad de Barcelona. Ha desarrollado su carrera docente tanto en el aula, como fuera de ésta, desenvolviéndose en funciones de coordinación, desarrollo comunitario, consultoría y gestión socio educativa en proyectos sociales, en Chile como en el extranjero.


Sergio Benavides
Public Relations

He has worked as a director of corporate social responsibility projects regarding environmental, education and poverty reduction issues. He has also worked in the field of communications and written press. He has excelled in culture, education and marketing, working in different private and public organizations.


Julia Muñoz 

Fine arts graduate. Professional dedicated to the coordination and organization of people training and development programs, project management and administrative management of cultural, social and academic events.


Miguel Raimilla
International Funds Consultant

Social entrepreneur, founder of projects focused on the empowerment of the communities, youth, protection of the environment and mass use of technological solutions. He has worked on projects of 28 countries. Consultant and director of NGOs and social companies. Consultant in Telecentre Foundation – USA, consultant in Esplai Foundation – Cataluña, Consultant in the UN-ITU Broadband Commission.






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