To disseminate the extensive political, cultural and social legacy developed throughout the life of Salvador Allende, as well as to promote and develop the humanist and deeply-democratic values that inspired his thought and political action.

History of the Foundation


Fundación Salvador Allende (Salvador Allende Foundation) FSA, was created in 1990 in Santiago, the first year after the democracy returned to Chile. An initiative of Hortensia Bussi, the President’s widow, his daughters and oldest grandson, with the purpose of recovering the memory and promoting the legacy of President Salvador Allende, from the values that he represented and promoted.
The FSA’s first task was to carry out President Salvador Allende’s official funeral, on September 4, 1990 a day called Encounter for Peace, during Patricio Aylwin’s administration.
The FSA promoted the recovery and repatriation management of the works that form the Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende – MSSA (Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum), housed in the same mansion as the FSA. A difficult task was undertaken to find the location and gather the collection spread across the premises of the University of Chile, the Contemporary Art Museum, the different government agencies, as well as in the different Resistance museums in different countries in the world. Today, the art collection is jointly managed by the Government and the Art and Solidarity Foundation, consisting of members of the Ministry of Education, Dibam (Libraries, Archives and Museums Directorate) and the FSA. If you want to know more about the MSSA, click here.
In its more than 25 years of existence, the FSA has worked to reposition Salvador Allende’s leading figure (prohibited in Chile for 17 years) and values. There have been many activities, some specific like the erection of his monument in front of La Moneda palace; some personal activities like scholarships and support for studies; other massive ones like concerts at the National Stadium; as well as other national and international activities. A great number of debates, seminars, conferences, leadership training workshops, book presentations, and exhibitions organized by other Chilean regions or by other countries. We would like to mention “Con Allende Siempre” (Always with Allende), “El Sueño Existe” (The Dream is Real), and “Cien Años, Mil Sueños” (Hundred Years, Thousand Dreams), mega events that gathered artists like Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanes, Miguel Bose, Ana Belen, Victor Manuel, Joaquin Sabina, Gilberto Gil, Quilapayun, Inti Illimani, Illapu, Sol y Lluvia, among many others. Shows like “Exit” by artist Yoko Ono, and the roaming of Roberto Matta’s art works. At the same time, we have collaborated with small social, cultural and sports organizations in hundreds of their own initiatives, like soccer championships in a mountain-range mining village, or theatrical productions and exhibitions with groups of exiles, which, in spite of being modest initiatives, they fill us with joy and pride due to their symbolic value and the effort they represent.
Another line of work is the search, recovery, gathering and care of materials that were scattered all around the world in the hands of former collaborators, family members, friends and different Chile Solidarity Committees of the Popular Unity and of other different times, as well as some personal belongings that survived the coup d’état. The Documentation Center keep his speeches, private and official photographs, some books from the President’s personal library and of his widow, Hortensia Bussi, an audiovisual archive from that time and documents that bring us closer to Salvador Allende’s parliamentary work and his professional and family activities. We want to keep growing and become the best place in the world to house the memory of Salvador Allende’s life and work, in association with people, initiatives and institutions. If you have tokens, photographs, audiovisual archives or have carried out a relevant research, please contact us:centrodedocumentacion@fundacionsalvadorallende.cl We will be infinitely grateful!

Salvador Allende at his private residence in Guardia
Vieja street, where later the Foundation with his name would be born.
© Fundación Salvador Allende


The house that harbored the Foundation in Virginia Opazo street.

House at Herrera street.

Current headquarters of the Foundation located in Barrio Republica
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